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It’s important to know that your transcript quality can vary based on a handful of variables. Factors such as echo, background noise, accents, diction and audio compression all affect accuracy, and voice recording quality has a huge impact on word recognition rate.


Questions To Ask Yourself Before Testing

  • Are your files compressed? If you must use compressed files we recommend 64kbps or higher for the best quality. 8-32kbps files show a significant decrease in transcript accuracy. Compression is measured in kbps (kilo bits per second).
  • What sample rate are you sending? Higher is better. Telephony commonly used 8kHz sample rate. Modern HD telephony uses a 16kHz sample rate. While VoiceBase’s speech recognition performs well on 8kHz, 16kHz will result in a more accurate transcript. Sample rate is measured in thousands of samples per second (kHz).
  • Is your recording in mono or stereo? Stereo recordings are always preferred to get the best accuracy (it prevents cross-talk issues) and the best analytics to understand who said what (the agent vs. caller)

Quick Tips

  • wav vs. MP3: wav files are typically uncompressed while MP3's tend to be more compressed
  • Recording codec: Best option is g.711 (if your recording provider doesn't allow that, then choose the codec with the highest sample rate and highest bits/sample available)
  • Not sure where to start? Just reach out to and we'll walk you through best practices. 



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